Kevin Yoneda

I have always been interested in taking pictures...all the way from my first Kodak cameras which had those flashbulbs that were "four at a time" environmentally unfriendly were those?! my first SLR which was a Minolta that used 110 sized film. Wow, I can't believe that literally I was so excited about that camera that I lost sleep over it!

Today, I produce photography but am by no means a professional photographer myself. However, I still really enjoy taking pictures and love to do so for my family and friends. I don't charge a photography fee (except for fees which are part of location shooting); however, I am way happy to take photos for folks that try some Shaklee products. It's a true win-win since, in addition to getting some pictures of your family or event, you will also benefit by getting some products that help you and your family's health. All this while really helping us all take care of our environment! Please check it out at :)

If you are interested in making an appointment, send me an email at If you don't have the budget for booking a professional photographer but just want an assortment of photos for family celebrations, reunions, banquets, "friends' senior pictures," etc., let me know and we'll give it a try.

The steps that I take which are "a little extra" is that I will do basic photo retouching as part of what I give you and give you a password protected page of your images. I also love to put together small slideshows or photo books and would love to do that for you as well. Depending on how elaborate they are, I'm sure we can work something out.

Aloha, Kevin :)